Technology to help people off the streets


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Reaching out and helping people off the streets

We believe each positive interaction is an opportunity to help homeless make progress towards individual goals such as regaining sobriety, reconnecting with family, and preparing for work and independent living.

We believe technology can help.

What we do


to help urban nomads

Our technology provides support and resources for people that want to change their lives and get out of the streets.

Case management platform

Professional software for shelter managers and other institutions to provide more effective help. Includes a AI assistant for nomads.

Mobile Camp solutions

We use software to design and create shelters for camps. Our technology allows us to create mobile shelters or assemble/disassemble

Ai to understand homelessness

How? Who? Where? Understanding the problem leads to creating a real solution to the homelessness problem.

Our Technology



Case Management Platform

Organize your case managers and/or neighbors to help more effectively.

  • Felix: The Urban Nomad Assistant
  • Dashboard to manage cases
  • Sharing economies platform
  • Machine learning analytics


Mobile Camp Solution

Mobile, foldable, and easy to deply and relocated infraestrucrure.

  • Bike Shelters
  • Car shelters
  • Foldable tiny houses


Affordable housing

Developing technology to drastically reduce affordable housing and ADUs costs and production time.

We Believe technology must help everyone

Homelessness is an experience, it isn’t a label [defining] a person.  Just like someone isn’t cancer, it’s a difficult experience. Homelessness is an experience, not who a person is.

Kara Zordel

Former CEO, Project Homeless Connect

AI that helps

Using Data Science

better understanding


Each person and each circumstance is different.

We improve our programs and tools by learning from every case and experience.

We are building collaboration programs to partner with organizations with similar interests and goals. If you are interested please contact us.

shelter & Hygiene

The first step to achieve a personal project or find a job is to get good nights of sleep: having a roof, storage and safety. Depending on each person’s situation we offer different types of help for shelter.

making it possible

Meet us

Pablo Ferrari

Pablo Ferrari



Alvaro Dominguez de Luna

Alvaro Dominguez de Luna



Sean Dekkers

Sean Dekkers

Industrial Designer


Deepanshu Madan

Deepanshu Madan

Product Manager


Get involved

how to help


When you are homeless, a simple smile and a word of kindness can make a big difference in a day full of hardship.

You can volunteer for:

  • Field engagement: Engage in conversations with urban nomads, give food or other support needed.
  • Nomadic house: We are always in need of people helping build nomadic houses. Painting, getting materials, design improvements and much more.
  • Other: Tell us your skills and we’ll figure it out. Help is always needed!

Contact us!

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Please contact us if you want to collaborate, volunteer, learn more about the project or donate. 


+1 (650) 889 6293